Tips for Helping You Choose the Right Photocopier and Printer for Your School

Tips for Helping You Choose the Right Photocopier and Printer for Your School

There is no doubt about it – purchasing equipment for your school today has never been a more complex process, between security, networks, technologies, speed, quality…the list goes on. At Highline Office Technology, we’ve put together a few hints and tips for you to think about when choosing your next photocopier or printer.  We aren’t suggesting that you’ll come to an instant conclusion about the right machine by reading these questions, but at least you’ll start creating a filter process for your school, about what’s important and what’s not important.  Remember, this is a critical piece of office infrastructure; it’s your workhorse and therefore a vital investment.  And we want to make sure that you are getting the right return on your investment.

Mono or Colour: Do you require mono (black and white) or a colour/mono option?

Volume: What volume of print do you do or does your school do per month? The volume will determine the size of the engine.  If you do low volume, then it is likely that a 20/22 page/per minute machine with a low engine capacity will suffice. However, if you do high volume, then you should be looking at a high engine capacity machine that can produce anywhere from 50-75 pages/per minute.

A3 size or A4: Do I need the machine to have A3 capacity (this will automatically do A4, B4 sizes etc)?

Desktop or Standalone: Do you want the machine to be a desktop or a standalone printer/photocopier?

Quality of Colour: If you do a lot of colour photocopying/printing, is quality an important factor for your school?

Speed: Is the speed of output from the photocopier/printer important to your school?

Managed Print Services: Are you looking for a managed print service (MPS) or an unmanaged print service? If you are unsure about this, check out our blog on this very topic.

Current Infrastructure: How will the machine fit into your current infrastructure and workflow? For example, is your school using MAC or PCs? Does your school use a service or is everything in the cloud?  Are there any impending changes to your IT strategy that could affect your purchasing decision?

Security: Is security on your network important to your school?

The Future: Where will your school be in 5 years’ time? It’s important to plan ahead, e.g. will your school be upscaling or downscaling?

Migration: Will you require your school to migrate from print to scan?

Paperlight Office: Are you looking for a paper light office?

Document Management: Do you have a document management system or are you planning on getting one for your school?

Confidential Information: Is any of the information you are printing sensitive or confidential? i.e. do you need the image on the hard drive to be continuously wiped or overwritten?

Contact us today at or on 01 4097034 to discuss further.  Our team can bring you through all of these questions and help get you the answers you need in order to make the best choice for your school.  We always suggest a face to face meeting for this discussion, as it allows the team to assess the area and take in other considerations for the machine, e.g. around installation.

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