Meet The Team: An Interview with Vaidas Neviera

Vaidas Neviera | Financial Controller at Highline Office Technology

Continuing on with our #MeetTheTeam profiles, we turn our focus to Vaidas Neviera, Highline Office Technology’s Financial Controller.

Q. How long have you been working in this industry?
A. Since Feb 2014.
Q. What brought you to Highline Office Technology?
A. Firstly I did an internship. While working there I became aware of an opportunity in financial management and took that role.
Q. What do you love about this industry?
A. We are an intricate part of maintaining a business’s success.
Q. Can you name a career highlight while working in Highline Office Technology?
A. Heading and managing our financial department.
Q. What sets Highline apart from the competition?
A. As a small to medium-sized company, we are nimble and can scan the industry quickly in order to adapt. I like this agility.
Q. What do you like about working in Highline Office Technology?
A. Nice team, and a common purpose to work hard to achieve targets.
Q. What’s your favourite film?
A. Crocodile Dundee.
Q. What’s your favourite food?
A. Red caviar and smoked eel.
Q. What’s your favourite song/band/singer?
A. Madonna (all songs), Ellie Goulding next.
Q. What are your core strengths?
A. Attention to detail, financial management, risk mitigation.
Q. 5 words to describe #TeamHOT

A. Reliable, competent, friendly, strong, and stubborn sometimes!