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Our Canine Colleague at Highline Office Technology

Arriving to work on a dull Monday morning can be tough, but having a friendly face greet you with pure happiness and excitement makes that morning a little brighter if you ask us.

Last year, our office labrador, Riley, had his first day at work, and has been loving it ever since.

The reason for introducing Riley into the office was due to his passion for escaping his home when his owners went to work. In order to remedy the problem, his Dad decided it would be best to bring Riley to work with him. Little did he know that Riley would end up becoming a loyal member of the Highline team, loved by every employee and delivery person who crossed his path.

Although 70% of Riley’s day includes sleeping, the all over vibe of the office has changed for the better. Everyone’s mood boosts when Riley comes into work in the morning and some even pack extra lunch in order to share with him.

Whether Riley is sleeping in the office beside his Dad or roaming the warehouse checking up on the engineers, his presence is felt and loved. The experience of an office dog is positive for not only the employees and delivery persons, it is also a positive experience for Riley, as he spends his day exploring the office and meeting new friends, as opposed to being at home alone.

In-office dogs also encourage employees who normally sit at their desks for hours on end to get up and recharge themselves. Research shows that taking breaks during the day actually makes employees more productive. With a dog comes mandatory outdoor bathroom breaks as well as playtime and belly-rubs, meaning that even the most dedicated workaholic would be more entitled to take that much needed few minutes break.

Many offices these days have the likes of ping pong tables, pizza and beer Fridays, and even the fanciest most extravagant coffee machines you can imagine in order to boost company morale and keep employee’s happy. But it turns out, all a company needs to be happy is the presence of a furry friend.

Nothing brings employees together than a mutual love for an adorable pet, and our experience with an office dog is entirely positive.

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Latest Apple Releases 2017

Apple’s Newest Releases 2017

Apple has unveiled it’s latest releases, including the new iPad and the iPhone 7 Red.

The new model iPad is simply being called, iPad. It has a 9.7 inch screen with a brighter display and a faster processor. The iPad has a generous retail price of $450. This is considerably cheaper than older versions, making it more desirable to customers. 

Not only has Apple released the new iPad, they have also introduced the iPhone 7 (PRODUCT) RED. This special edition iPhone 7 will contribute directly to The Global Fund to fight AIDS.

Apple have been partnering with The Global Fund for 10 years. They have been supporting programmes that have been providing counselling, testing and medicine that prevents the transmission of HIV from a mother to her unborn child. So far Apple have donated $130 million through the sale of their RED products to The Global Fund.

The Global Fund is an organisation that donates 100% of its money to finance HIV/AIDS programmes. The contribution helps people affected by HIV in Ghana, Lesotho, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia.


A direct donation to The Global Fund can be made here.


Choosing A Printer

How to choose your printer.

There are a number of steps and factors that need to be considered when shopping for a printer. Deciding what kind of printer you want to purchase — inkjet, laser, or multifunction — can be frustrating and confusing as here are so many types and brands of printers to choose from, and new models seem to be introduced on a monthly basis.

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Video Conferencing

 Video Conferencing


 VC is fast becoming a part of office furniture, it’s the simplest way to interact with customers or even colleagues who are unable to be physically present at meetings. Many people get confused and presume that VC is only suitable for companies with big IT departments, which is untrue. Everyone knows size doesn’t matter, but its what you do, and what your company does that determines if VC is appropriate for you.

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